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Your patch choices are always sublime. I love the "preparation for battle" vibe this tune has. Love the drum choices too! I'm curious what you use for those? It sounds like maybe Superior Drummer but I am unfamiliar with the plugin sounds so I'm unsure. The guitar at 1:55 is awesome as well! A nice color to add to the mix and development later on! Great track!

theartinme responds:

Thank you! I use addictive drums mixed along with various samples.

Ah! What a bop! I love the production style! Great tune!

AgentOrangeXx responds:

Thank you. I'm still blown away by the response of it. It's been an incredibly humbling experience.

Yoooo this goes hard! I loooove the moment at 1:06 and then when it transitions into the piano... Such beauty! I love it! Such a wonderful contrast yet it seems so complimentary. Wonderful track as always!

larrynachos responds:

Thanks Tera! Yeah, I enjoyed switching it up to something lighter. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for stopping by and leaving a review!

AH! I love this! This was a wonderful listen! The melody and progression is nothing short of incredible! I am absolutely blown away! Incredible production and patch choices. I'll definitely be coming back to re-listen to this to absorb more of them layers! Great tune!

Mackievellian responds:

Ahh that's so niiiice! Keep an eye out I'll be uploading my second submission soon..!

Thanks again :}


Ah! This is so pretty! I love the bells. they add a color to this piece that really sells the feeling of the art. Love the dynamic contrast, it really helps with the sense of wonder in the piece. Such a treat to listen to, great job!

EverErratic responds:

Thank you for the nice review! I'm glad the bells were effective :)

This is such a wonderful tune! Makes me happy :')

I love the atmospheric nature of this piece! Also your patch choices are *chefs kiss* wonderful! Great tune and congrats on frontpage!!

RealMrSnuggles responds:

Didn't realize it got frontpaged until I saw this comment lol, thanks a lot!

Damn this goes hard though! I feel ya when it comes to making music, I've tried to sit down and make music the past week and I just couldn't get any inspiration going. It'll come back when you least expect it! Also, I love the beat change at the 1:22 mark, it's a refreshing change of pace from the typical trap/hiphop stylings!

larrynachos responds:

Thanks Tera! You have a proper excuse, your album has taken so much of your energy! You deserve a rest, focus on other mediums like gaming vids and streams and such! I've been playing warzone for most of this week lol, only getting a few hours of music and game dev in.

Thanks again for the review tera! Glad you liked it :)

I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed listening to this.

KawaiSprite responds:

thank you for listening man

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