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I produce pretty noises. I play a little trumpet too.

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Sup friends!

I'm just making another post to say that my next album is in the demo stage, and expect frequent weekly updates on progress! I won't be posting the title or track details but I can tell you the genre. It's... music! I have a lot planned, and the theme of the album is reflection and self improvement. With that being said, change will be a constant element throughout the album and styles will be all over! Expect some Fusion, Hip-Hop, and other forms of Jazz and electronic based music. It's not really... techno or anything like I've released up to this point. There's a focus on real instruments and live performance/expression, so you'll get to hear me sing and play trumpet and whatnot! To give you a VERY ROUGH idea of what this'll sound like, you can check out my demo from Focus Mode which you can find here. I can give you a date too! Since I'll be premiering it as my senior capstone project, I can tell you for sure when all of y'all can hear it! It'll be released on streaming and whatnot on June 16th, 2020.

More info in the coming weeks ;)

Hope y'all are doing well, I'm on here a lot more now to consume content so if you have some content that you've been creating, send me a link! I'd love to check it out!

Peace y'all!


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