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I feel like the final few months of 2021 went by insanely quick. I started out the year with what I thought were pretty ambitious goals. I wanted to get to 750 fans on here and learn bass, guitar, and sax. Well, I can definitely say that those goals were successfully achieved. Never in all my life did I think I would have been in such an inviting community. I've always felt like I struggled to connect with people, I spend a lot of my time alone due to some personal stuff from my childhood. I've always been too afraid to connect or interact with people. I still feel that way, but Newgrounds has really helped me learn that there are a lot of really nice people out there. I want to reflect on this year and what I believe was the biggest year of growth in my abilities as a composer and as a person. I released over 60 tunes this year on Newgrounds and you don't realize how much you do till you actually look back I guess.

Started off the year with Pixel Day, where I vowed to make sure to write 3 tunes for the occasion. You can listen to them here (my favorite is Chippin' Dancin Desert)

Chippin' Dancin' Desert

Pixel Joy

Curtain Call On The Beach!

on top of that, I did music for my first ever game with Mina Miner: Dig Deep with @Larrynachos and @Icy64.

The same month, I did my 2nd ever game OST with @LeviRamirez's Seven. This was one of my favorite games I did this year.

Later in January I did some music for the Evangelion Collab with the sweet sweet @MisterJames on Guitar. Go listen to him serenade your ear holes.

In March I begun 1 of many collaborations with @ProsciuttoMan, I did the OST for his game T.O.F.U! Look forward to it when it drops!!

In April I did two big projects. The first was Rat Game by @LeviRamirez which was a super fun RPG treat.

And of course, the big ol Pico Day 2021 project the Piconjo OST. This project was a big ol labor of Newgrounds love with contributions from my talented pals @ConnorGrail, @MisterJames, @Larrynachos, @Burn7, @RealMrSnuggles, @Curruff, @SkullPioneer, @Carmet and @Quarl. The real highlight IMO is the arrangement of @Mindchamber's Matrix Regurgitated. Everyone goes ham on that track.

In May, I contributed to the absolutely wonderful VA Collab Part 1.

June was wild because @Prosciuttoman and I were on NGP with @VoicesbyCorey, @PsychoGoldfish, and @RealMrSnuggles. It was a good time, it was also one of the first times I VCed with someone online which was cool. You can't really tell in the recording but I was a nervous wreck in this but I had fun! Love those people.

On top of that, I did the music for the wonderful @Stepford for Piconjo: AFK. Go play it, it's super relaxing.

ALSO on top of that, I released a tune from @LeviRamirez's S.T.D! WISHLIST THE GAME HERE!!

In July, I released what I believe to be one of my best instrumentals (and also my personal favorite) of the year.

Also in July, I did music for @Plufmot's game Xin's Commission Campaign. One of the best experiences of ya life. Go play it!

Also ALSO in July, I did a little tidbit for @Luis's NGTV bumper. It's really sweet! It was also the beginnings of our friendship. I'm really glad I met Luis, he helped me get through some really rough times this summer and I am forever grateful.

Also ALSO ALSO in July (July was a busy month) I did music for TWO (2) Egg Jam games. Both of which you can play here:

Swimming Leningrad


In August I kinda chilled out a bit from July, but I did another collab for the Evangelion Collab with @MisterJames because he's epic.

September I focused on Madness Stuff. I did music for an epic unreleased game by @SlickRamen

and of course, the one you probably know me for. I did music for Madness Roulette which got pretty popular. Can't wait to show you the new tunes for it!

Finally, the past 2 months I've been working on 3 FNF mods as their music person. I'm always one for trying out new things and I think I learned a lot doing them. On top of that I've been working on my personal music as well as some super cool and epic projects that I want to talk about but won't until the time is right! So you're gonna have to wait and see for that.

For 2022 you can expect some neat stuff from me. I think I'm gonna try to participate in Jamuary as well as Pixel Day. We'll see. I've been really busy with work! Thank you all for the incredible 2021, I am incredibly grateful for all of the new people I have met and worked with and the support you have given me. I seriously cannot believe it.

Let's make 2022 really special <3

Happy New Year!!


P.S Shoutout's to @TomFulp you're epic btw