Hey 30 Fans! Awesome!

2014-02-25 17:18:27 by TeraVex

Ya know, this is great! I think I should go on a writers block more often! I've gained 3 fans after posting the song Vehemer and I'm so glad that you guys are supporting what I like to do!

Now, let's shoot for 50 by the end of this year, I think it's possible if I keep consistantly making content.

Anyway, I'm working on my 3rd song of the EP, which shall be titled Perception. 

I have been having a blast creating it, but it's not quite done yet. It'll probably be out in the next week or so (but PLEASE. Don't take my word for it, anything could happen but I doubt it). 

In the meantime, I DEEPLY suggest you check out CaCola's remix of Vehemer, which was made a day after release. Man, that guy works vigilantly, and after all that work, his remix sounds amazing!

There's also another remix in the works by Aeron Music, and I can't to see what masterpiece he makes out of it!


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2014-02-25 19:07:11

Yay! I was your 30th fan, TeraVex! ;D Also, may I ask how you got your name? When I look at it, I always think of it as a combo of terra (= land) and vex (= to annoy/bother), and it doesn't really make much sense, so I'd like to know the reasoning behind it, please. Also, congrats on the EP release! I can't wait! ;D

TeraVex responds:

Hahaha, I get this question a lot actually.
Here's the short and simple answer:
I made it up and stuck with it because it sounded cool and I like the sound of it.
But here is the longer answer:
I made it up by taking two things: My facebook page I admin (Which was just a Vector the Crocodile page) and started screwing with a bunch of cool sounding names. After a while, I finally got a good name.
And what if that name?
Originally, it was TeraVector, but I personally like TeraVex a lot better.


2014-02-25 20:04:01

hey now, alright! good going!


2014-02-25 20:06:42

Hey TeraVex Congratulations For The 30 Fans You Have Now! :)


2014-02-26 18:34:01

Aaaaaand you just got 31. :) I can't believe you're one of my fans, I was so elated, really! I love your music.

TeraVex responds:

That's great!
I think your stuff is really good!
I won't regret following you for sure!


2014-02-26 19:37:53

Congratulations! I'm hoping to get 20 fans soon, I'll have to upload more often though.
Also, how's the Game Grumps remix collab going?

TeraVex responds:

It's going swimmingly, I'm working on it, but at a slower pace due to finding some good GG sound clips and stuff