Working on 2 new songs for early 2014

2013-12-29 12:42:12 by TeraVex

Just keepin you guys posted that I'm still working on my stuff. I'm quite busy with life stuff ATM but I'm still working on my music. I'd like to deeply thank whoever is promoting me because I swear these new followers are coming from no where. As for the new guys, this is a message for you: 

hello! I'm glad you guys are following me and enjoying my stuff! It's always great to see new people enjoying my work.

Back to topic

I just realized that shake it just hit 600 plays, holy crap, thanks to all who listened now let's see if we can get it to 1000!  

Anyway, since the year is over I feel like helping some guys and gals out.

I will review one work of your choice and give you feedback (constructive of course) and if I happen to enjoy it, you might earn yourself a follower!

anyway, I'll see you guys next year January 1st! :3


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2013-12-29 12:54:02

Can i collaborate with you?

TeraVex responds:

At the moment I'm quite busy but next week I'm quite sure I'll be able to!


2013-12-29 13:26:57

Do you have FL Studio

(Updated ) TeraVex responds:

Yes I'm also going to start using ableton soon


2013-12-29 15:39:18

When will you start using Ableton Live?

TeraVex responds:

When I buy it


2013-12-29 20:02:00

i liked Carnage...
i just wanted to comment....

TeraVex responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed it.