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Posted by TeraVex - 1 month ago

Hi pals. I hope you're doin well! Just wanted to write an update post as I've still cruisin on the high of the Piconjo collab stuff. I wanted to give ya an update of what I've been up to, what I'm planning, and what I wanna do. This past week I've made it a goal for myself to just chill out, I haven't really done that since the beginning of the year. If you look at my activity, you'll see I've posted more music in this past 5 months than I did all of last year so I think I needed this little break. In fact I will be chilling a little more as I think I need to do that more in general. Uploads are gonna slow down here in the coming months unless I have more OSTs to do, but there's another reason for that.

I'm happy to say that I'm starting work + planning on my next album. I want this to be somethin real special so I'm gonna take my time with it, maybe ask some pals to feature+play on it like I did with the Piconjo stuff too. It'll be a good time for sure. I'm currently applying to some music jobs now that things are opening back up again, got my first response back this week (a rejection) but I figured as such considering how dead it's been the past year. I plan to stream more of me doin music stuff and gaming like a pro on my Twitch. Be sure to follow me there. I'll be on a certain newgrounds related podcast in the coming weeks, be sure to look out for that announcement soon.

I want to stress that I will still be uploading stuff here, I just won't be uploading as much because of the album work and job finding etc. I'll still be working away on OSTs and lil mini tunes and whatnot. Speaking of OSTs, if you'd like a tune or 80 for your Newgrounds game, send me a message I'd love to see if I can help in any way!

Well that's all I've got. I hope you all had a great Pico Day I played some of the games and watched some fire animations, I am seriously thankful to be a part of this insanely talented community.





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hay is for horses heeehaww

don't over exert yourself, take some breaks to avoid burnout. Looking forward to more twitch stuff if I can catch them, we gotta do some gaming sometime!

teraVEX i wanted to let you know that it wsnt very cool to come to my birthday party and spill the soda like that on purpose so i just wanted to tell U that my mom is callin your mom ha ha haaa your in toub;e

nOOooo vurbang I didnty mean it tell ur mom that i dident mean two!!!!

i played de blob