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Lil Update (Pico Day, New Music, Social Media)

Posted by TeraVex - March 7th, 2021

Hi pals! Wanted to give a little update post for ya eyes.

I've been hard at work on various projects, two of which I'd like to... announce? Say words about?

Well, I've been working with the wonderful @ProsciuttoMan on two fun projects! One of which is T.O.F.U, a game about death! I'll be releasing the OST to that each week until it releases in the near future! The other is a Piconjo game! We're aiming for it to drop on Pico Day! It's gonna be dooooope! You can check out his page for more info on the game. As for other music and projects, they're comin along! I can't disclose tooooo much yet because I am a keeper of secrets. One personal project I've been working on is a celebration for 500 NG fans, but it turns out that we've almost hit 600 soooooo make it a 600 fan celebration. I really appreciate the huge support over the last couple of weeks. It's insane and I cherish every single one of you!!!

Now for some real shit. I've been having some big anxiety issues over the past couple of months, I have found a big contributor to that is social media. Because of this, I am cutting them out of my life and only will delegate 10-15 minutes of each day to social media (if any time at all). I have deleted them all off my phone and I have been doing it for the past day and I have found myself already improving. If you need to contact me, you can on here or you can email me at TeraVex@gmail.com. For those who have other ways of contacting me, you can through that as well! I'm going to see if this helps my mental health at all, the first impressions are quite good and I am going to continue down this path in the future, I think that it is a healthier life choice in the long run!

I hope you are all doing well! Are you working on any interesting projects? Lemme know! I'd love to hear about it!

Stay epic pals,




Comments (6)

also just saw your bio, fuck yeah i played the shit outta de blob
played it on the wii way back when it released and have the switch version too
need to finish de blob 2 tho

They gotta make a new game

You’re so fun. I’m glad I met you

Thanks Luis, you too!

Hey what happened to your track roaring tides I?

Removed it, I didn't really want to keep my covers/remixes on here unless I really changed em up a bit. Just a personal choice!

@TeraVex cool!

THQ Nordic could round it out as a trilogy
With the new tech, it would look so amazing too

Hey you did the funky music for the funny purple guy platformer, I loved the songs in that, I'm digging around your music work and it's amazing!