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TeraVex's News

Posted by TeraVex - November 6th, 2016


Posted by TeraVex - August 27th, 2016

Moved in to my dorm a week ago, it is a fantastic place where I get to work with fantastic musicians.

I have listened to some of the artists that perform and go to school here and I am honored to work with them as

some of them have already have moved me through their music. I hope to grow to become a musician like these.

I am also working vigilantly towards Amethyst and I should be finished by early 2017. 

I hope you all are having a great day and hope to keep up with everyone on here.

TeraVex Out!

Posted by TeraVex - July 18th, 2016

Wow! I came back at the right time!

Where did all you people come from? 

Well, Welcome!

It's great to have you here!

I'm happy to say that I am officially back and will be active on Newgrounds again!

I hope to get to know more of you wonderful people! And stay tuned for more stuff in the future!

TeraVex Out!

Posted by TeraVex - April 19th, 2016

Oh, Hey guys.

I'm just here telling you guys that I'm alive and well, I'm just working on my college stuff and I am officially part of 

Saint Rose's Class of 2020! I'm going there to study music industry and I'm going there mostly just to meet new 

people and make more connections with the music industry. I have been working on that "Amethyst" project for a 

bit and It'll probably be done before the end of the year. I'm working on rebooting my youtube, as I think that I'll need 

some extra side change in college so expect some content there. 

You are all outstanding people and you all make a difference in the world!

Love you all!

TeraVex Out!

Posted by TeraVex - March 17th, 2016

I have been inactive. And I apologize. Here is why.

On March 1st, 2016, one of my close friends lost his life in a car accident.

Since then, I have been thinking about my life and how I could be gone within a day.

That is also why I have been inactive. 

This is my senior year of high school, he too was on his last year of high school with me. It's sad since I will never

see him graduate and be on stage with us.

I will never see him pursue what he loves.

I will never get to talk with him about his college search, or his love for Technology and Music.

He is gone.

But he is still with me, with us. 

Everything I do now, I keep him in mind, as he always enjoyed to see how my music creation was going or how my

trumpet playing was. 

We all must live on this Earth like it is the last day of our lives. Time on this beautiful planet is limited.

Rest in Peace Will, I love you man.



Posted by TeraVex - August 28th, 2015

Album is going smoothly. Mastering is always "fun". I've been experimenting with Ableton Live 9 and have been enjoying my time with it. My songs have tended to sound better when I create them in live 9. It takes a little longer since I'm used to FL's layout and such. Well here's a small tracklist:

1. Think About it

2. Carnelian

3. Skylights

4. Pearlz

The album has 11 songs on it, and I'll be listing more and more until September, when I will be showing the entire tracklist and I'll probably make a little highlight mix of all the songs showing small parts of each song in a 10 minute mix. 

Posted by TeraVex - July 15th, 2015

Oh, Hey Guys!

I'm happy to announce that my 2nd album is in production!

The album is going to be a mixture of techno/house and orchestral elements. I'm trying to make a different yet

familiar sound from me, and I'm reviving a song and adding a lead singer voice.

Which reminds me.

I am in need of a female singer/rapper, I know that's asking for a lot but if you are interested please PM me. 

On an unrelated note, I've started watching Steven Universe... 

Tracklist will be coming around Septemberish?...

I will be posting WIP tracks or the album here and on soundcloud if you want a link to that it's on the left side of the 

page, I'm not linking it here because I'm lazy.

I might have already posted some WIPs already ;)

I'm really trying my hardest for this, so I'm going to need your help when I post WIPs. I INSIST you review the WIP

and leave some constructive thoughts. 

Welp, that's it.



Posted by TeraVex - July 8th, 2015

That seems to be a new theme with me.

But seriously.



Posted by TeraVex - May 22nd, 2015

Oh Hello.

Didn't see you there!

How are ya doing?

I'm doing good, I'm quite busy looking at colleges and stuff, I'll probably won't be posting anything too huge on here for a while.

I will say if you want some really (I mean REALLY early) versions of songs I'm working on, I use my soundcloud to post them now. So if you want to stop by, go right ahead! 

I'll just post that link right here:


Have a nice day!

Posted by TeraVex - April 11th, 2015

So I gave Stuck In California some tweaks, and I livestreamed myself doing it.
You can find that video here:

And plus, you can listen to the tweaked version, but you have to clear your cache first or there will be no difference. 
Here it is if you want to listen:

Anyway, that's about it. I'll be posting some more stuff later.... in the week.