Entry #142

TeraVex's Weekly Music Blog/Post/Thing #14 Not Dead Edition

2017-04-20 23:25:59 by TeraVex

Hello! I haven't been writing these! Mostly because I'm busy with end of semester stuff. Your typical college BS and what not. Anyways, I've been studying hard so I haven't really gotten to do much although for those of you who follow me on twitter my social media game has been on point as of recently and I'm pretty happy about it. I've been working on the one track for a bit as a part of my class. It's a lot different from what I have been doing but I like how it's going. It's for a music video I have to do for my final for my Music Tech class. There's a whole bunch of shiiittt I gotta do for it but I'm just making a cool chill video hightlighting parts of Albany with some chill beats in the background. Not sure how the video part is gonna go buttttt yeah. 

How have you guys been doing? What's your musical life or life stuff going? How's it here on Newgrounds? (I apologize for not being active pls don't kill me) 

That's about it! For my music recemmendation this week I'd say go listen to that new Kendrick Lamar album as well as the new Gorillaz stuff. It's good shit.

See you in 10000 years for the next blog post!



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