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2014-07-12 00:12:32 by TeraVex

I'm in a little writers block.

"What to do in a writers block" is the question I have had!

The answer is simple:

Listen to other people.

I did that.

Still Nothing!

Another way of fixing a writer's block is listening to your old music to get a feeling.

Then it hit me.

God my old songs.... are truely... something... to say the least.

So what I've been doing is redoing them, and no, I'm not just replacing the VSTs with better sounding ones and saying it's a new song.

I mean, fully re-imagined, remastered. So it feels (and sounds) different.

So that's what I've been working on.


(Also got me a new laptop, more about that later. Okay?)


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2014-07-12 04:14:20

That way you solved it, is something i should try.


2014-07-12 05:26:02

Know that feeling! Old stuff is sometimes embarassing but always amazing!


2014-07-12 08:30:43

I have the same problem with art right now :C