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Moving On (But Not Really) Update 9/23/18

Posted by TeraVex - September 23rd, 2018

Hey friends,

I've been working hard on weighing the pros and cons of this decision for a while and I've finally made up my mind. I no longer enjoy writing electronic music like I used to and am going on hiatus after the release of Topaz. With that being said, I'm delaying the album to really make sure I leave with a good set of tunes. The album is now releasing on 11/11 and contains 18 tracks. I originally was going to release an EP after Topaz with tunes that didn't make the cut, but I've decided to polish them up and add them on. 

You're probably wondering what I'm moving on to, well I'm actually working on content with my band Focus Mode. I work with some really gifted people and I hope to make and release some really great stuff with them in the future. In general, I'm starting to write and arrange for acoustic/real instrumentation. I'm recording at my school's studio frequently and I've found that I'm in love with engineering and producing for bands and artists.

Don't worry, I'd like to hope that I'll be writing more electronic music in the future but for now, I just don't see it happening in the foreseeable future. 

I'm sorry if this disappoints any of you guys as you are the reason I do what I do, but I feel that this is what I must do.

I hope you all understand,



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Sorry to hear that, TV! Good luck with all your future endeavors, and be sure to still post updates about your band on NG! Looking forward to the release of Topaz.