2017 Submissions

Narration Project Thing Spoken Word Voice
Gawd Fonk (Remastered) Techno Song
Gawd Fonk (But Faster) Dance Song
Protools song Techno Song
Gawd Fonk Techno Song
Funky WIP Techno Song
S P A C E S U R F I N Video Game Loop
Flirtatious (Short Edit) House Song
Chocolate Milk Miscellaneous Voice
OLD LOOP THING Video Game Loop
Finding My Way Solo Instrument Song
Shades of Pink Techno Song
Super Ultra Rocket Ride Techno Song
Super Ultra Rocket Ride (Short Edit) Techno Song
Lil Sneak Techno Loop
Refresh House Song
Refresh (Intro) Techno Song
Here (No Vocal Mix) Techno Song
Chill WIP Techno Song
Umbrella (Amethyst Edition) Techno Song
California Breeze Techno Song
2D Freak Techno Song
Sly (Amethyst Edition) Techno Song
Musical Doodle Pt 2 Electric Boogaloo Video Game Song
Amethyst Techno Song
Stuck In California (Amethyst Edition) Techno Song
Skylights (Amethyst Edition) Video Game Song
We Just Got... A Letter? Solo Instrument Loop
Glitchy Chord Progression Video Game Song
Midnight Drift House Song
WIP? Techno Song
Just Another Day *Remaster* Techno Song
Perception *Remaster* Techno Song
Sly Techno Song

2015 Submissions

2D Freak (Draft 1) Techno Song
Spooksville (Loop Version) Video Game Loop
Last Stand (Orch Edit) Video Game Song
Ducks. House Song
Moar WIP Miscellaneous Song
Chillax New Wave Song
Vehemer But Slower Video Game Song
Little Ditty Video Game Loop
Thinking Techno Song
Soon.... Techno Song
A Smashing WIP House Song
A Happy Song Techno Song
Umbrella Drum N Bass Song
Stuck in California Techno Song
Super MLG Bros. Miscellaneous Song
Perception V2 Techno Song
Inside-Out Techno Song
Apothic Techno Song
Two Pals Miscellaneous Song
[TTT] Orbital Speed Techno Song
Vex Video Game Song

2014 Submissions

Get Into The Groove! Techno Song
Launchkey Fun Miscellaneous Song
Funked Too Hard Miscellaneous Song
Song Sneak Peek Miscellaneous Song
Perc├╝ssion Techno Song
Doopliss Theme(Techno Remix) Techno Song
Last Stand Techno Song
Some Loop Thing Techno Loop
Illusions (Step 2) Techno Loop
Trumpet Test Miscellaneous Song
Otamatone Mic Test Miscellaneous Song
Illusions (Step 1) Techno Song
Orchestra Help Classical Song
Cat Upon A Cup Indie Song
Endersgame Miscellaneous Song
Secret Base Zone GRD RMX Video Game Loop
Aquatic Ambience (RMX) Video Game Loop
Perception Techno Song
Vehemer Techno Song
Perception (Intro) Techno Song
Solitude Salvation Video Game Song
Tera2013 Techno Song
Massive Carnage Techno Song
The Code Cinematic Loop
Mic Test Miscellaneous Song
News X Techno Song
Winter Lullaby Solo Instrument Loop
Greenhorn Forest (Remix) Video Game Song
Egg Rocket Orchestra RMX Video Game Song
Shining In The Sky Solo Instrument Song
Roaring Tides II Video Game Song
Nexus Test Techno Song
Worth Living Solo Instrument Song
Randomize (TeraVex Remix) Techno Song
Roaring Tides I Solo Instrument Loop
Town Flow Of Time People Solo Instrument Song
Dawn Of Destruction (Reupload) Techno Song
The Techno Trio Techno Song
Psynapse (Piano Edit) Video Game Song
The Hasher Slasher Techno Song
CHROM! (Re-upload) Techno Song
Slow Start Techno Song
Shake It Techno Song
Abandoned Video Game Song
Cytrosity Techno Song
Last Stand (Preview) Techno Loop
CHROM! (CraZy Edit) Techno Song
Journey Techno Song
The New Kid New Wave Song
Just Another Day House Song
Freakin Arms House Song
Bongo Bongo House Song
Summer's End Techno Song
Somewhat Uplifting Dance Song
Psynapse House Song
Psynapse (WIP) Dance Song